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#22aDayChallenge Day 2 & 3

Day 2 and 3 of the #22aDayChallenge
The Dude

#22aDayChallenge Day 1

Info and stats on the #22aDayChallenge Day 1
The Dude

#22aDayChallenge - Building a #YogArmy

22 Days of Yoga for Veterans - On Periscope - Building a #YogArmy
Matthew Griffin

The Station Foundation - Transition Azimuth Check

If you're a transitioning SOF Veteran, you should attend this workshop.  If you've already made the transition, you should be a mentor for this workshop.
The Dude
Combat Flip Flops Return to Mogadishu Main Image 10/4/17

"Return to Mogadishu"—This Video Will Calm You

Jeff is an amazing human being. I don't know how many helicopter rides we shared together, but he was always there with us, with that calmness, to move us forward—as...
Matthew Griffin