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Respecting Your Foe

Respecting Your Foe

A tale as large as Alexander the Great, executed with the brutality of Genghis Kahn, and more sinister than Hitler. 
Matthew Griffin
Afghanistan interpreter who fled country fighting to help others escape

Afghanistan interpreter who fled country fighting to help others escape

"Afghan interpreter Moneer and Afghanistan veteran Matthew Griffin speak out on the struggles to get American allies to safety..."
The Dude
combat flip flops hero and sacrifices

Heroes & Sacrifices

Prioritizing veterans needing assistance with claims
The Dude
Combat Flip Flops military grade floperators blog post response

Why "Military Grade?"

We got tired of responding in comments, so we wrote a blog post to cut and paste.  Enjoy.
Combat Flip Flops 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Hot Holiday Gifts from Veteran Companies

Holiday Hotness
Matthew Griffin
Combat Flip Flops Veterans Day 2020

Veteran's Day: "I Love You."

A loving lesson from a very deadly man.
Matthew Griffin
Combat Flip Flops Afghan Peace Talks Taliban Gold, Opium, and Violence

Gold, Drugs, and Violence -- Taliban Winning Combo

Nothing keeps a war going like gold mining, drugs, and ol' fashioned violence.

Combat Flip Flops 21 Sep Afghan Peace Talks Update Fawzia Koofie Photocredit Twitter

Survives 2x Assassinations, Removes Bullet from Arm, then Leads at Peace Talks

The only thing tougher than an Afghan man is an Afghan woman.
Combat Flip Flops Taliban Dream Team meets with Pompeo

Member of Taliban Dream Team Meets with Pompeo

It's 2020.  A meeting between the Secretary of State and Terrorists shouldn't come as a surprise.
Matthew Griffin
Combat Flip Flops Update Afghan Taliban Peace Talks  Photos Ibraheem Al Omari/Reuters

Afghanistan and Vietnam Have Nothing in Common

A brief update on the first few days of the Afghan-Taliban Peace Talks in Qatar.  PC-Ibraheem Al Omari/Reuters
Why Hang Out with Alpha Meat Eaters

Why Hang Out with Alpha Meat Eaters

And the moments that made us feel small.
Combat Flip Flops Update Aid Afghanistan for Education COVID

UPDATE: How COVID Affected Afghan Schools

How Aid Afghanistan for Education is changing to support education amdist the COVID Crisis.