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Combat Flip Flops TentEducation TentEd 8-26-17 Charity Saturday #CharitySaturday Main Image

90% of People Don't Know About These WMD Against ISIS #CharitySpotlightSaturday

Study after study after study after study confirms it. The enemy that groups like ISIS fear most?  See photo above. Yup: two educated, little girls (on behalf of TentEd).  Zack...
Joe Suh
Combat Flip Flops #CharitySaturday 7-15-17 Featured Image

#CharitySaturday | 43 Reasons Why You Should Support Combat Flip Flops

Mission success. Last week, 43 Afghan women graduated from high school in Kabul with state-certified diplomas. 43 future educated families. 43 more opportunities at higher qualities of life. 43 more...
Joe Suh