90% of People Don't Know About These WMD Against ISIS #CharitySpotlightSaturday

Study after study after study after study confirms it. The enemy that groups like ISIS fear most? 

See photo above. Yup: two educated, little girls (on behalf of TentEd). 

Zack Bazzi states:

Hello from Lebanon. In a few weeks, children back home in the U.S., to the relief of many parents, will be returning to school. TentED would like to help refugee children in Iraq and their families share in that same excitement.
Today, we are launching the TentED Back-to-School Campaign aimed at raising $10,000 by September 20. This goal may seem modest, but if you’ve been following our work over the last three years, you know that we can make big things happen with just a little.
Consider donating $100, which is roughly the average cost to pay for a girl or boy to participate in one of our programs.
If a donation is not possible at this time, no worries. You can still help us educate refugee children by:
  1. Following us on Facebook and sharing our content;
  2. Forwarding this email to your friends;
  3. Recruiting one friend to make a donation; or
  4. Hosting a back-to-school get-together at your place and collecting donations if you’re feeling ambitious!
Please help us send more refugee children back to school this fall.

Consider donating any amount to TentEducation here

Enlist in the #UnarmedForces today.


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