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2016 Men's AK-47
2016 Men's AK-47 $49.99
+ Quick Shop
2016 Men's Floperator
2016 Men's Floperator $34.99
+ Quick Shop
2016 Men's Tuck Tuck
2016 Men's Tuck Tuck $49.99
+ Quick Shop
La Chancla
La Chancla $24.99
+ Quick Shop

2016 Bombshell Light
2016 Bombshell Light $44.99
+ Quick Shop
2016 Bombshell Dark
2016 Bombshell Dark $44.99
+ Quick Shop
CFF Shemagh
CFF Shemagh $19.99
+ Quick Shop
Gunner Shemagh
Gunner Shemagh $39.00
+ Quick Shop

Operation Hawkeye Shemagh
Operation Hawkeye Shemagh $29.99
+ Quick Shop
The Sarong
The Sarong $59.99
+ Quick Shop
PeaceMaker Bangle
PeaceMaker Bangle $39.99
+ Quick Shop
PeaceMaker Coin Wrap
PeaceMaker Coin Wrap $39.99
+ Quick Shop

Combat Flip Flops

80% of Haters will not read past this Headline

July 01, 2016

We do our best to stay positive, continue to educate, drive forward with the mission, and not feed the trolls. But…

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Stokesperson Spotlight: Nate Boyer

June 29, 2016

Nate Boyer

Some men stand out.
Their valor is evident.
Their purpose is clear. 

Nate Boyer is one of these men. 

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10 Things Rangers Teach Their Daughters

June 19, 2016

Rangers Combat Flip Flops

In this life of ranging, there were many lessons to be learned. Here’s the top 10 passed along to my ladies.

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Combat Flip Flops Personality Test

June 15, 2016

Combat Flip Flops AK-47

Not sure which pair is right for you?

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