Hi There,

Welcome to Combat Flip Flops, where we believe peace is way cooler than war and flip flops are way comfier than combat boots. We're a bunch of military vets who traded in our rifles for rubber soles and our MREs for awesome tees.

Here’s the deal: we make kick ass footwear and gear, and in the process, we’re helping to bring some good vibes to the world. Due to the Afghan withdrawal, we had to stop funding schools, but we pivoted to support an equally rad cause—One More Wave. This non-profit helps wounded veterans find healing through surfing. So, your new favorite pair of flip flops is doing more than just looking cool on your feet—they’re helping our heroes ride the waves.

Every time you buy from us, you're supporting a cause that's close to our hearts. Our designs are inspired by our time in the military, but don’t worry, they’re built for chilling, not combat. Our motto, "Bad for running. Worse for fighting," says it all. We’re all about peace, relaxation, and making the world a better place.

So, slap on those flip flops, throw on that tee, and strut your stuff knowing you’re part of something bigger. Thanks for joining the movement and helping us make a real difference.

Rock on,

Andy, Lee, Griff
Combat Flip Flops
Matthew Griffin