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Combat Flip Flops What are Combat Flip Flops

What are Combat Flip Flops?

Discover Combat Flip Flops: Where military vets create stylish, high-quality footwear and apparel that support wounded veterans through One More Wave, a non-profit helping vets heal through surfing. Our mission-driven products not only look great but also contribute to a greater cause. Join us in promoting peace, relaxation, and making a positive impact. Shop now and be part of the movement!
Matthew Griffin
Combat Flip Flops Written in Taliban

Written in Taliban

If the Taliban were to write a letter to America, it would likely look something like this.
Matthew Griffin
Combat Flip Flops Beyond the Uniform Podcast Image  Blog

Beyond the Uniform Podcast with CFF's CEO

A Library Card is Just as Important as a College Degree
Combat Flip Flops #StokespersonSaturday Zach Carbo Main Image 11-17-17

From 75th Ranger to snow-slaying skiing skydiver #StokespersonSaturday

Read Stokesperson Zach Carbo's thoughts on everything from finding tranquility in nature to his philosophies on life. Gold nuggets all-around in this interview.
Combat Flip Flops 8-25-17 Leo Jenkins With a Pen Poem Featured Image

This Poem Will Either Break Your Heart or Inspire You (or Both)

This is my war movie. There’s no famed actors on set and the lighting is never right just a bunch of boys turned to men learning how to fight.  ...
Joe Suh
Combat Flip Flops Podcast Tuesday 8-15-17 Featured Image

This Interview Will Make You Motivated | #PodcastTuesday

Join the #UnarmedForces today.
Joe Suh