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Combat Flip Flops Update Aid Afghanistan for Education COVID

UPDATE: How COVID Affected Afghan Schools

How Aid Afghanistan for Education is changing to support education amdist the COVID Crisis.
Combat Flip Flops Podcast Ranger Up Live American Yogi Yoga Trip report

Mission Report: RangerUp and #Omerica PODCAST

This mission, we chose to accept it.  Here's the report.
Beats for your Weekend!

Beats for your Weekend!

Mellow beats delivered on a Friday... 

To carry you through to Monday. 


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4 Reasons Why We're Proud of What We Do

Four awesome reasons: 1) We have the tallest Afghan and the tallest soldier in the Army supporting our mission.  6'7 vs 7'1+ 2) We support groups like TentED, run by badasses like...
Joe Suh
Combat Flip Flops Charity Saturday 8-19-17 Featured Image

55 Futures You Will Feel Incredible About Changing #CharitySaturday

Due to red tape, funding has been significantly cut for Aid Afghanistan for Education.  Study after study after study after study confirms it: educating girls in war-torn countries is the best way for humanity to progress.  Consider...
Joe Suh
Combat Flip Flops Mixtape Monday 7-17-17 Featured Image

#MixtapeMonday | Making change downrange

Meet Amina Back in school at 28 years of age Taken out of school at 12 She is the future Help her and those like her today This week's country-themed #MixtapeMonday...
Joe Suh
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Combat Flip Flops #CharitySaturday 7-15-17 Featured Image

#CharitySaturday | 43 Reasons Why You Should Support Combat Flip Flops

Mission success. Last week, 43 Afghan women graduated from high school in Kabul with state-certified diplomas. 43 future educated families. 43 more opportunities at higher qualities of life. 43 more...
Joe Suh