Four awesome reasons:

1) We have the tallest Afghan and the tallest soldier in the Army supporting our mission. 

6'7 vs 7'1+

Combat Flip Flops Derek Gregory Afghanistan Tallest Afghan

2) We support groups like TentED, run by badasses like Zack Bazzi and Scott Quilty, to put little refugee Iraqi and Syrian girls in school. 

Enlist in the #UnarmedForces today.

Combat Flip Flops TentEd TentEducation MIdweek Morale Soran Iraq Zack Bazzi Scott Quilty

3) We put our money where our mouths are. 

Combat Flip Flops Aid Afghanistan for Education AAE MIdweek Morale

4) We meet with game-changers like the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to effect change for both America and Afghanistan.

Combat Flip Flops Ashraf Ghani Griff Lee President of Afghanistan Midweek Morale Shark Tank Mark Cuban
Joe Suh