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Official Release By Combat Flip Flops
12 October 2018


{Issaquah, WA}  With the mission to “Manufacture Peace Through Trade” Combat Flip Flops released the newest line of products to the offering--Shoes.  What began in 2012 as a small line of flip flops grew into a product offering of American made bags, Afghan made shemaghs, and Laos made UXO jewelry--made in conflict or post conflict zones.  The Unarmed Forces footwear line offers a full four season offering while satisfying those that “don’t do flip flops.”

Tangent Mens leather shoes combat flip flops footwear

Although you can move at a higher rate-of-speed and are more equipped to defend yourself in shoes--the tagline remains, “Bad for Running, Worse for Fighting.”  Each pair sold funds a day of school for an Afghan girl through Aid Afghanistan for Education

The Unarmed Forces Shoes by Combat Flip Flops

Cartels to Craftsman:  Unique the new footwear line is the source of the rubber.  The full gum rubber soles and synthetic blends source the raw material from farms that formerly grew coca plants to support the drug trade.  The farms were transformed to rubber plantations and are now generating sustainable materials used throughout the footwear line.  Manufactured in an artisan factory in Bogota, Colombia, the Unarmed Forces footwear line ranges from the $44.99 slip-on IN·TER·VAL to the $119.00 full leather TAN·GENT.  Available men’s sizes 7 to 15 and women’s sizes 5 to 11.  The UAF line is offered in a variety of upper and outsole colors--suiting the daily needs of the Unarmed Forces.  Casual, business casual, or just straight business.

The UAF footwear is available for pre-order now and delivers Mid-November.  All pre-orders wil receive a limited edition shemagh not available for purchase as a standalone product.



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