These 2 Quotations Will Make You Pause & Reflect #WisdomWednesday

Ever wonder what goes on in the minds of us as individuals at Combat Flip Flops?

Yeah. We do too. 

We're starting #WisdomWednesday.

One of our team members will provide you with a personal philosophy—a guiding aphorism in his or her personal life. 

Here's the first in our #WisdomWednesday series: 

Combat Flip Flops Dave McCoy #WisdomWednesdays Wisdom Wednesdays 10/11/17
So many times in my life I've been told that my ideas were crazy, that I wouldn't be able to achieve them. But I loved what I was doing so I went ahead anyway. Some things came out like I planned. Some made a turn of direction. Some I'm still working on. But life isn't about the outcome of my idea. 

It's about what happens every day.

— Dave McCoy, Founder of the Mammoth Ski Area, 1942

Our CEO Griff on this quotation: 

As high performers, we're going to hear this criticism for the rest of our lives. All we can do is: 

screw the haters and keep on keepin' on.

Combat Flip Flops #WisdomWednesdays Griff

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