Stokesperson Spotlight: Nate Boyer


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Some men stand out.
Their valor is evident.
Their purpose is clear. 
Their mission is worthy.

Nate Boyer is one of these men. 

He's been supportive of the CFF philosophy and we're proud to call him a Stokesperson.

Take a few minutes to check out ESPN's new feature by Kurt Streeter on what makes Nate such a stand-out individual and athlete, we included an excerpt below:

"It won't be enough to sit and wait. Boyer is one of those curiously American characters allergic to the comforts of conventional living, on a constant quest to prove himself. He needs to "fill a void," to search for meaning, to change the world. He has, by turns, been a Che Guevara-inspired globetrotter, a relief aid worker in Darfur, a mentor to autistic children, a soldier in the Special Forces, a long-snapper at a big-time collegiate program, a scrappy free agent trying to be the oldest rookie in the NFL and, most recently, a mountain climber on Mount Kilimanjaro raising awareness about the global clean-water crisis. He has no wife, no children, no dog. He longs for the next adventure. He is ready to go."


"There's just no way you're going to break me."


Nate Boyer ESPN

Nate pictured at left, rocking his Tuck Tucks 

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  • Rusty

    CFF -
    Duly noted, and sincerely appreciate all you guys do to make the world a better place. My hope is that maybe Nate will re-evaluate his ‘inspiration’ and stop mentioning Che as a source of that inspiration – too many young people have no idea of the horror of a human being he became. I respect what Nate has done, just very disappointed in the continued martyrdom of a man who was truly evil.

  • Rusty

    Newsflash for Nate, Kurt & Mandy -
    Che Guevara was a racist murderer. Before citing him as inspiration, maybe do some research. Oh yeah, he also personally tortured those who thought differently than he did.

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