Happy 4th of July everyone!  We hope you’re enjoying a weekend with your friends and family, taking in America’s beauty, and reflecting upon the sheer amount of sacrifice, work, and labor that provided this day of relaxation for you.

I’ll use this general state of euphoria to address some of the comments we’ve been seeing lately on the feeds. Coming from fellow “patriots,” we get a lot of hater/troll/keyboard commando posts directed at Combat Flip Flops for not “helping Americans” or “making goods in the the USA.” The statistic that always astounds me is that 80% of people don’t read past a social headline. Then through wild assumptions, people make accusations on our page…  Causes a lot of head shaking around here.  

We do our best to stay positive, continue to educate, drive forward with the mission, and not feed the trolls.  So…

Since it’s the 4th, we’ll clearly lay out what
Combat Flip Flops does in America.

1. On supporting vets...


We’re a Veteran-Owned Business. We're American. 

Combat Flip Flops Veteran Owned


2. On helping American families...


We employ Americans and support American families. Jill, she runs customer service. Mandy, she runs social. Donald, he runs design. The Dude, he abides. The list goes on. If you run a small business in America, you’re helping friends and family in your local community.

Combat Flip Flops Crew


3. On making flops to help Americans...


We made flip flops in Americaand very few of you bought them. For months, we ground out flip flops in my garage at a price point that deterred most of you from buying themwe nearly went out of business.  Footwear production in America is expensive and most people choose lower price point footwear made in a country that starts with a “C” and ends with an “A.”  We do the same, but ours are made in Colombia. If you’re curious about why, you can read our rationale here. And the fact that somebody typed that comment on a phone made overseas seals the irony for us.

Combat Flip Flops USA

4. On supporting U.S. citizens..


We make products in America. The Claymore is made right in Washington state, by fellow veteran-owned business, Tactical Tailor (and they kick ass).  

"Nothing is more important to our economy, prosperity and national defense than domestic industry. Having a world economy gives us more choices, until something happens. Think back to the Japanese Tsunami a few years back. Keeping Americans productive and innovative is paramount to our growth as a nation.

Griff’s and Combat Flip Flops mission is noble and one that fits our company culture. Griff’s friendship and geographic location makes it a no brainer to support his brand and the good works that they accomplish. To say I am proud of him and the CFF team is a tremendous understatement. We will continue to provide our manufacturing horsepower to CFFs vision. Veterans supporting Veterans, that’s a beautiful thing."
–GW Ayers III, VP, Tactical Tailor

Gear Patrol rated the bag one of the best messenger bags under $400.

Combat Flip Flops Claymore


5. On choosing to make gear in the USA...


The Chest Rig Neck Tie is made in a veteran-owned facility the USA, too.
As seen on Forbes.com.  

Chest Rig Neck Tied

6. On helping other countries...


Shirts, hats, and other accessories are made/or printed in the USA.  You’ll feel patriotic knowing that a fellow American made your shirt super rad.

Jingle Trucker


7. On helping American veterans...


Combat Flip Flops donates to Veteran Support Organizations: The Station Foundation and Team 5 Foundation.

If you’re not aware of what these organizations do, please read up:  

The Station Foundation helps SOF Veterans and Families transition back to life in the U.S..  

The Station Foundation

Team 5 Foundation utilizes SOF Medics and Doctors to help in developing nations (watch the video)representing the good will and determination of Americans to help the less fortunate.  

Team 5 Foundation

If you want to support those organizations, donate directly or we’ll do it through the purchase of our Operation Hawkeye Shemagh.

Operation Hawkeye Shemagh


8. On donating to Afghanistan...


And why do we create jobs in foreign countries? It’s because we believe in treating the sickness, not the symptom. We believe this to be the best way to look out for #1.

By creating jobs overseas, promoting women’s education, and building relationshipwe reduce the need for U.S. Service members to deploy into harm’s way. We believe that’s the best way to take care of your countrymen. God know’s we can’t trust our government to do it.

Combat Flip Flops Military Service


9. On educating Afghan women...


If you educate a woman, you educate a family. Educated mothers don’t let their children go uneducated. Uneducated children are the recruitment base for radicals. So if you want to take the fight to extremists, radicals, and terrorists, you should educate women. It really pisses them off.

It’s a long game, but we’re investing in it.  We believe you should, too.  

Aid Afghanistan Education


10. On our philosophical choices...


And if you have enough time to hate on us, you have enough time to start up your own non-profit, put your heart into it, and contribute to what you believe. It’s a good way to be and we’ll support you.

It’s a free country. We’re all free men and women and we can do whatever we want. Our team chooses to help those in need, make cool products in dangerous, educate women, and provide support to veterans. The Combat Flip Flops team is thankful for the tens of thousand of people that believe in the mission and represent the best values of America to the rest of the world.  

Thank you.

Enjoy your Independence Day.

God Bless America.


Matthew Griffin
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1. Thanks guys for your service.
2 I love the Shemaugs.
3. America is The land of opportunity. If we want something we can go work for it. I’m tired of people thinking it needs to be given to them. The Women in Afghanistan Need the help..
Keep up the work Guys. I’ll buy more

— Ken

Great products, with an actual thought process to where you are supporting people in need? Crazy. I have purchased three pairs of Tuck-Tucks, for myself, my Brother contracting in AFGH, and a retired Soldier with GI feet (thanks to your prosthetic strap), and just purchased a sarong for my sister, who wanted it for her birthday. Anything we can do to educate these people to give them a worldview is time well spent. Perhaps if our school system actually taught world politics and history we would all be able to see the positive change you are working towards.
My brothers and I spend our time on stopping veteran suicide here at home, so we will fight that battle and you keep fighting this one. Thanks for all you’re doing, and thanks to Jill for answering when you guys are all busy.

— Paul

best pair I ever owned…


RLTW! Keep up the good work! Team Gold RSD HHC/75th.

— Charlie S

I wonder what the first draft of these responses looked like. Very well said, I wholeheartedly agree.

— John

Keep up the great work and non illegitimus carborundum! (don’t let the bxxxstxrds grind you down!)

— Dave W

What your doing has impact in so many ways. I’m proud to wear my Combat flip flops. If more folks sought meaning and purpose through peace minded missions the lives of so many would be changed forever. Thanks for all you do. Drive on!

— Will

Keep on keepin on! You guys are awesome and so are the products. Love the mission and will keep on buying!

— Jeff Berry

Great post Griff! Supporting veterans and the greater good can’t be bad. Ranger on….

— Rick

Matt I like what you’re doing. Your way of thinking is spot on with helping out these other countries people while helping out our American families and communities. Employment and education in these areas are just what they need and I agree it’ll possibly keep some of our brave men and women out of these places in the future, Bravo. Give a man a fish or teach him to fish maybe once their employed and educated they will take a stand for themselves against the oppression. Thanks again. P.S. These better be some kick-ass flip flops….

— mike ormord

I just put on my Combat flip flops to head out to our family Independence Day party. Thank you for your part in providing that independence. I am proud to share a country with people of such high character

— Joe

I am far from a hater and I love everything you guys do and say. Using great products with great philosophy behind them is a great way change lives. I would buy all your products for my family if we had the money. Thank you ll for what you did for this country in your service and what you continue to do now.

— Stephen Thomsson

Nice responses, it is a shame it required a response.

— Jason

Great explanation of everything you guys are doing!

— Liz Weber

Your team is making a positive impact. Thank you for continuing to make a difference in so many lives. RLTW! <2>

— Mark

Let the haters hate. Thanks for all you do and keep up the great work.


— Sekou

Thank you for recognising the difference between sickness and symptoms and that educating women is key to peace.

— Rebecca Ott

There is no end to the whiners, I canters, and lardassians who will tell you what you should be doing. Pay them no hede. When they are willing to invest their money and put their efforts into an operation, then they have earned the right to complain. Keep doing what you are doing.

— John