I always loved the line,
“My dad taught me everything I know. I wish he taught me everything he knew.”  
In this life of ranging, there were many lessons to be learned.  
Here’s the top 10 passed along to my ladies.

10.  How to Fish:  

Everything from rod setup, baiting, netting, to cooking. Start to finish, she can feed herself from mother nature.
Reinforces independence.

Combat Flip Flops Fishing

9.  How to Grow Her Own Food:

She witnessed the miracle of food going from seed to the dinner table.
Reinforces patience.

Combat Flip Flops Ranger Lessons

8.  How to Clean Water for Safe Drinking:

As westerners, we take clean water for granted. She learned how to filter dirty water.
Reinforces compassion.

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7.  How to Layer:

She understands dry and warm equals alive. She can pick the gear for the condition.
Reinforces forethought.

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6.  How to Keep Bears, Snakes and Other Stuff Out of Your Campsite:

It’s easy to avoid an unfortunate run-in with Mother nature. She keeps a clean site.
Reinforces respect.

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5.  How to Drive:

Off road. In nature. Reinforces wildness.

Combat Flip Flops Ranger Lessons


4.  How to Ride a Motorcycle:

She should never be stranded because she didn’t know how to ride a bike.
Reinforces self-reliance.

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3.  How to Ride a Horse:

She can work with an animal to get from point A to point B.  
Reinforces co-dependency.  

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2.  How to Assess Risk:

If you know how to identify and avoid day-enders, you can plan your way to the best spots on earth. Reinforces confidence.

Combat Flip Flops Ranger Lessons


1.  How to Range:

Reinforces Freedom.

Combat Flip Flops Ranger Lessons

Matthew Griffin


I like this article, you guys are doing a good job at raising a daughter (or two , or three…), but I would offer that all people knowing these skills would change the very nature of our world!

— David Westhaver