*Audiobook* Steps Ascending: Rise of the Unarmed Forces


The remarkable true story of a group of former Special Operation soldiers turned entrepreneurs on a mission to end the war in Afghanistan with business, not bullets. 

"A great book that puts the struggles of America's war in Afghanistan into an easily relatable story. Using the story of starting their business, Combat Flip Flops, Griff and company show the depths of this battle, what it takes to persevere through it, and what needs to be done for sustainable success."


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Customer Reviews

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Worth It

The book itself is an autobiography about the start of the company and how it went from an idea into the organization it is today. There is a tidy preface that sets the stage of Afghanistan as we know it. It's nice to get a brief on what was going on when Combat Flipflops got it’s start.

The story itself is fascinating without being sensationalized and I was really interested to know what happens next. For footwear-mongers, they write a decent book. I wasn’t 100% clear on which narrator was which, but I’m fairly certain it’s Griff that voices most of the book. I presume this is his first professional gig using his voice, but he comes across natural and easy to listen to. There isn’t a heck of a lot of dialogue so he doesn’t do different voices for the characters: but he doesn’t need to. This book is perfectly enjoyable without the voice acting that’s necessary for a book with a big cast like Game of Thrones or Dune. It listens more like Griff telling his story over beers and a firepit in the backyard.

I would love to hear more stories in the future, and if Griff can stand recording again all the better. Lastly it bears saying that when we buy a product like this we’re supporting an organization that’s helping make the world a better place. Whether that’s the icing on the cake, the crumbs or the cake itself this book/audiobook is worth the price IMHO.

The book was engaging and enjoyable.5 out of 5
Griff was a great narrator and I didn’t hear him f˅(k up once.5 out of 5