Afghanistan Campaign Ribbon Patch Set


Where it all began for us.  A lot of us.  Rock the street, mountains, beach or around the house without a funny hat or emblazoned shirt.  Subtle, yet respectful.

The Afghanistan campaign ribbon patch set for your Combat Flip Flops Floperators. 2 5/8" x 5/8"

What this Product Supports:

  • A Veteran Owned Company
  • Business Not Bullets
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Customer Reviews

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KRM Phillips
Memories ...

No. I was not part of the most recent mission in Afghanistan. I visited Afghanistan years beforehand.
Regardless of the time frame, this ribbon means a lot to me. Afghanistan is a difficult country, now. Back in the my day, the Mujahideen were very happy to have some expertise and equipment to fight the Russian invaders.
Those bloody helicopters were doing serious damage to villages.
And Operation Cyclone was there to help.
Ah, the good old days when I had 2 reasonably good working knees. Operation Cyclone, for those unaware, was a Company program that cost that largest amount ever spent on any insurgency across the globe. We have them about 2300 FIM-92 Stinger shoulder launched missiles to tackle the nasty Russian Mi-24D helicopter gunships.
It was quite something to watch this Stinger take out a Mi-24D helicopter. Those birds cost a shipload of money, especially compared to the cost of an FIM-92.
It was so great to see the look of elation on the faces of the guys when they successfully took down a helicopter.
These patches on my Floperators remind me of this days and being young.
So, I hope none of you younger guys don't mind me wearing them, even though I wasn't fighting alongside of you all.
I love being reminded of those heady times, and Charlie Wilson's War.

These patches help me display my Afghan Veteran pride!

These Afghan Campaign Medal patches are an excellent addition to the Combat Flip Flops. I am proud of my service in Afghanistan, and these patches are a great way to show that pride. The patches are made with great quality and the colors really show off brightly.