Be a Better Human™ Coin Wrap


Bling with a bang.  The Be a Better Human coin wrap is made from unexploded ordnance (UXO)(AKA Landmines) leftover from the Vietnam war.  But there’s millions more to clear. This bling funds the clearance of three square meters of UXO.  Let’s wrap it up. 

  • Aluminum
  • TSA Approved
  • 42" black waxed cotton cord
  • Made in Laos
  • Clears 3 Square Meters of UXO
  • Combat Flip Flops Lifetime Warranty
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Customer Reviews

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I’d give it six stars if I could

I bought the bracelet as a birthday gift for somebody special. She loved the quality and the story behind it. Mouth hugs followed. Buy one for your girlfriend. Get mouth hugs.


This is such a cool product and I LOVE wearing it!!! Thank you so much for ALL you do!!! I LOVE Combat Flip Flops!!!

Jeffrey Newman
Great Stuff

Love the disc. I have gotten to tell the story multiple times. It is a constant reminder to Be a Better Human, always.

Mark Brown
Honest review

I am a 65 year old male and purchased this bracelet for my wife to give to me for my birthday! I liked the looks and the message.

My first impression…I thought the “coin” was a little small and the price was on the high side. After wearing the bracelet for a month, I think the size is PERFECT! Any larger and I think it would just get in the way.
I work with my hands, run machines all day and am very active. Because this is very lightweight it has never been cumbersome in any way. No matter what I’m doing, I barely even know it’s there!
Even though I hardly know it’s there, it is a constant reminder that I want to, and can, do better. I probably shouldn’t NEED reminding…but I do!
It’s a subtle message that makes a big difference. I find myself thinking about being a better person throughout the day…and it’s because of this bracelet!! Hey, whatever it takes!
Now do I think it’s pricey? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Not when I consider how it makes me think and feel.
Get this bracelet and Be A Better Human!

Great product, great cause, great customer service

I bought a couple of the bracelets for my kids, and one of them didn’t want to wear it so I stole it back. I love the message and what the company is doing and sometimes other people notice it & I tell them about it.
I had a small issue with my original bracelet & they were quick to make it right.
The message is so simple but so strong. I love having the constant reminder to try to do better.