Be a Better Human™ Bangle


Life is a story. The best chapters are those with happy endings. The adventure-filled pages where you stepped up and became a better human being. This aluminum bangle made from unexploded ordnance (UXO)(AKA Land Mines) leftover from the Vietnam War writes a page that reads something like, “I knew the clearing landmines was difficult but doable. I knew I could do more, so I did.”  

  • Aluminum
  • TSA Approved
  • Small diameter measures 2.33" inside, 2.88" outside 
  • Standard diameter measures 2.56" inside, 3.0" outside
  • Made in Laos
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    It’s a great idea for a great cause , but

    I fully support what they’re doing but it’s sized for a woman or children

    Jayson O'Keeffe
    Just a little too small

    It's a great product and benefits a great program. It just doesn't fit past my hand to even get it on the wrist. For reference, I typically wear a medium pair of gloves. So if you're hands are that size or bigger, you may want to consider the Be a Better Human™ Coin Wrap instead. Still a really nice item that I'm going to give to either my sister or one of my nieces.

    G. Bishop

    Standard size is small. A dremel to cut the bangle (and soften the edges) allowed me to open it up, slip it on, and squeeze it closed.

    Robert Shiver
    Mind the size

    First off- the shockingly simple yet potent verbiage on the packaging is impressive in a great way. It leaves no subtlety as to the former explosive you hold in your hands. Its beautiful, light and generates a very unique tone when bumped against a solid object- or falls on a granite countertop.
    Now- to business. The standard size is small, it measures 2.5" wide as described in the details..attempting to make my hand as narrow as possible- my hand is still just under 3.75" wide= bangle won't fit. I will attach this to the backpack that goes everywhere with me and hopefully, it will be a conversation starter.

    David Graham
    Great cause

    Taking the website measurements i thought it would fit but it now hangs off my mirror. May order the larger one.