Christmas is a busy time of year for a consumer company.  Holiday sales and such.  We spent a lot of time doing giveaways, shipping product, and working through a late shipment as a result of the Bagram bombing in November that took the lives of four and injured another 17.   In spite of the stress, we kept our perspective and pushed to put more girls in school.

I saw a lot of things on social media that caught my eye, but didn't have time to read. Like the social media junkie I am, I saved them for future down time.  

Was really looking forward to this one.  I was curious to see how it panned out given the attention and direct call-out of your tax dollars funding terrorists.  You know--your hard earned greenbacks.  Taken by the government.  Then given to people beheading "non-believers" in the desert.  C'mon.  You know who I'm talking about.  Those guys that we're spending billions of dollars bombing into submission.  Where the Pentagon quietly released that more soldiers are being injured ON THE GROUND in Iraq fighting against those guys with weapons we bought.

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard from Hawaii put forward a bill to stop your monthly paycheck from putting rounds in their AKs and fuel in the HiLux.   If you haven't picked up on it yet, she introduced a bill to stop your tax dollars from funding ISIS.

You already saw the spoiler alert up top, but it died in Congress.  They went home for the holidays, money still came out of your paycheck, and people are still dying on both sides.

Fuck.  Is this crazy to anybody else but us?  

Hey Congress, this is why people don't trust you!   It looks good on camera.  You got your moment looking like the hero.  But in the end, you didn't follow through.  This is what historians are going to pencil as your legacy.  Well done.

That is all.  Hope you all enjoy your day at work tomorrow knowing that 1/3 of your taxes go to fund a war effort attempting to bomb an idea into submission.




Matthew Griffin