Charitable Year in Review

2016. What a ride?!  Shark Tank.  Inc..  Forbes.  Madness.

The mission to manufacture peace through trade caught on fire and grew at a crushing rate.  But it’s not the number of flip flops on the street that matters--it’s what happens as a result.  Little girls going to school.  Unexploded ordnance cleared.  Putting veterans on a path to success and then deploying them out to help the world.  That’s how we take the fight to the enemy.  
Win wars.  
Peacefully.  Sustainably.  
The Way of the #UnarmedForces


2015:  52 years of school.  2016:  203 Years of school.  Yes!  

Educated women grow into self-reliant mothers.  Women able to keep their kids off the street and children out of radical Madrasas.  Starving radicals of their recruitment base.  Here’s the 2016 final donation screenshot.  Yes.  A screenshot.  If you’d like one of those yourself, you can donate at

Combat Flip Flops Aid Afghanistan for Education 2016 Final Donation Screenshot



2015:  2450 square meters.  2016:  5580 square meters

I love the picnic analogy when it comes to UXO clearance.  If you go to a park for a picnic, do you leave your garbage everywhere?  No.  You don’t.  You clean up after yourself.  It’s the same with warfare.  We need to clean up after we leave.  And thanks to our partnership with MAG America, that’s what’s happening.  Big thanks to all of you that supported with the purchase of the Peacemakers.  If you want to support their efforts, visit

Combat Flip Flops MAG America UXO Clearance Laos Iraq ISIS

Healing SOF Veterans

We’ve been there.  Transition is tough.  Even tougher with a family.  That’s why we support The Station Foundation.  They help transitioning servicemembers and families make the jump in a positive, healthy manner.  We sold enough Operation Hawkeye Shemaghs to buy plane tickets for a couple to attend one of their courses.

Combat Flip Flops The Station Foundation Veteran Transition Program

Continued Service

The desire to serve never ends.  And with special skills, not putting them to use is a sin.  So we put them to use.  Team 5 deployed to Peru this year.  8 Surgery patients, 48 dental patients, and dewormed over 500 people in a dangerous narco controlled area of Peru.  Rad mission.  Rad people.  In addition to funding plane tickets for two medics, Griff served on the mission as the Logistics Officer.

Combat Flip Flops Team 5 Foundation Peru Mission 2016 SOF Medical Veterans

We’re so proud of you.  

Thank you for making this possible.