Combat Flip Flops Shark Tank“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin

Before heading into the tank, we spent months going over our numbers, learning everything about every aspect of our operations and doing weekly run-throughs to prepare for the pitch.

What were the lessons learned?

Griff, CEO, HMFIC:

"Be thankful.  Be humble.  Say, “Thank you” to everybody that helped get you there. Know that you’re going to work harder than ever."

Matthew Griffin Combat Flip Flops


 Andy, President, Wookie:

"Murphy's Law: Whatever can happen, will happen. So when the unexpected hits, just continue to do your best––and take the hose like a champ."


Mandy, Social Media Director, Ninja:

"Not everyone will like what you do, and that's okay. Be helpful, be funny, be nice, but always stand up for what you believe in." 

Combat Flip Flops Shark Tank 


Lee, CMO, Marker of the Dead:

"Don't spill beer on your laptop 5 minutes before your episode airs."*

Combat Flip Flops Shark Tank
 *yes, that really happened. 


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The Dude


I sincerely hope one of these sharks acted appropriately and decided to endorse you. I’ve followed your effort for nearly two years and I’m impressed by the authenticity of the product, people involved and message.

— Clint Walker