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Rebelle Rally Combat Flip Flops

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The first women's off-road navigation rally race is taking place October 13 – October 22, 2016, across a 1200 mile course from Lake Tahoe to Del Mar, California. This Rebelle Rally event brings together women from around the world––with no prior racing or rallying experience required. 

The cars are limited to 4x4s, 4WD pickup trucks, SUVs, or crossovers. Plus, vehicles are available to rent if you're not into risking your own vehicle.  

"We are so excited to take on our next challenge of competing in the first-ever Rebelle Rally. This rally combines 3 types of navigation to truly test your skills on all levels over 7 days and 2000km. Unmarked checkpoints without any aid of gps or electronics are making us a little nervous, but we know we have the skills, training, and determination to take this head on and we are ready." –Rachelle Croft, X Elles


Owner and founder Emily Miller is a professional off-road racer herself. Winner of a class in the Baja 1000 and the Vegas to Reno races, her thinking behind the creation of this event is:

...for you to embrace and enhance your driving and navigation skills, and we will build that platform for you to shine. I intend for you to gain experience that will enable you and empower you in your future journeys – wherever they may lead you. You will be blazing trails across our American West, kicking ass and taking names, and at the end, we will wash off the dust and celebrate as Rebelles know how. 

CFF is stoked to be a sponsor of this event and got hooked up the X Elles, one of the badass teams participating, with some shemaghs, t-shirts, La Chanclas and PeaceMakers

Rebelle Rally Combat Flip Flops

Meet The X Elles

The X Elles were created to do one thing, inspire women around the world. Started in 2012, The X Elles were established to race in the Rally Aiche des Gazelles du Maroc, the longest, hardest, all female off-road Rally raid in the world.

Fast forward 4 years and Rhonda and Rachelle have raced twice more in Morocco to bring awareness to sexual abuse and hope with their campaigns '1 in 4' and #youareloved. Whether raising their kids, speaking, training, or filming, these women live to inspire people around the world.

On working with CFF

"We are honored to be working with Combat Flip Flops. Our vision to inspire and give women a voice around the globe are a perfect fit with what Combat Flip Flops accomplishes everyday through their products. We can't wait to make history together in this first all-women's Rally of its kind." –Rachelle Croft, X Elles


Rebelle Rally

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