First Look: New Products for Fall and Beyond

Combat Flip Flops New Fall Gear

Kill it on the streets or in the field with the new Hunter Orange Shemagh… 

Locked and loaded for all of your seasonal needs, the new Hunter Orange Shemagh can help you meet the Orange Blaze requirements if your state mandates them. Find out what the regulations are for your state here.  

CFF Shemagh square inches: 1936 square inches
Orange at 40% of total square inches: 774 square inches of orange on each shemagh

Important Note:  
The Hunter Shemagh is not meant to be a standalone Blaze orange garment—it is meant to increase safety by augmenting existing orange garment around the neck and head. All shemagh orange may not be visible due to wear configuration. The minimum requirement for Blaze orange is 400 square inches (roughly 4 sheets of 8.5x11 paper).


Hunter Orange Shemagh | Combat Flip Flops 

Blend in or stand out with the new Scorched Earth Shemagh… 


Scorched Earth Shemagh | Combat Flip Flops

Stimulate your senses and boost your memory with the new Perfect Circle Bracelet… 

Lapis has been said to keep negative energy away and used as a reminder to be humble. It has also been extensively used in honoring Goddesses throughout the centuries. Seems fitting for a bracelet that empowers women, doesn’t it? Keep the negativity at bay but don’t be humble about what you’re doing when you purchase one these beauties. 

The lapis lazuli stones are harvested in Afghanistan and assembled by Afghan women ravaged by war. Left widowed with limited resources, supporting their craftsmanship contributes to the economic stability of their family and community. These bracelets are sold in partnership with T.A.P.S.—Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors. Once they leave Afghanistan, the bracelets are shipped to the United States where they are then wrapped with love and gratitude by the families of our fallen heroes.  

Plus, the sale of each Perfect Circle bracelet funds 1 day of school for an Afghan girl. 




Lapis Beaded Bracelet


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