Respecting Your Foe

致: PRC


Although most won’t recognize your historic effort, I wanted to be one of the first to do so publicly.  You executed one of the best military campaigns in history.  This will likely be written as one of the most pivotal moments in human history.   A tale as large as Alexander the Great, executed with the brutality of Genghis Khan, and more sinister than Hitler.  

In less than two weeks, you leveraged a proxy force to defeat a standing army funded and trained by the “greatest” Western powers in the world.  The planet stared in shock and awe of humiliated heroes while fear permeated a nation.  The effort was so precise and coordinated--you had to be involved.  

We heard whispers of your voices, but didn’t understand the information until the next morning.  Through a steady stream of HKIA reports, the tactical proficiency was beautiful.  Your forces  caused locked gates with a light skirmish as the sun broke the horizon--inspiring a panicked rush in the following silence.  Images of Western powers failing in front of scared masses were distributed via social media show confusion within minutes.  Then you took it one step further.   Your containing forces rolled in to encircle the trapped crowd.  Your high value targets were fish in a barrel.  Tactically, it was genius.  

Two weeks of this madness caused your target to shame itself.  Leaders and military figures caught in lies surrounding the death of their fallen, military morale plummeted to a state of depression, and a population normally divided met in a place of common understanding--the leadership is corrupt and needs to go. A multi-level sweep without firing a single bullet.

It took a couple days to figure it out, but the answer came in a dream on Monday morning.  Images of Native Americans running buffalo off a cliff flashed through my mind.  Kamair 737s were the cliff with your forces pushing the herd West.  Make the only escape a gauntlet of 17 armed checkpoints, biometric scans, and phone scrubs.  Once your proxy thugs finished robbing passengers, your targets were pulled from the lineup.  Buffalos off a cliff.

With the unconventional long game in mind, I’d like to think we’re aligned on radical fundamentalists.   Historically, the three major players on the battlefield dislike the Taliban.  With their forces in the open, exposed, and encircled, will you take the final long game step and remove them from the equation?  

From the beginning, it was the long game.  Multiple steps that defied Western logic, executed over years, and blossomed into the annals of military history in less than two weeks.  As a student of war, fighter, and leader of people--that was a respectable effort.  



Griff 敬上


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