Just closed out my first journal of 2017 and here are the quotes that I believe to be lifelong lessons or memories.  


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"The Venture Method: starve them into performance"

"Only in Montana can you get served mini shots of beer in a gas station by a recovering meth addict felon."

"Real products solve real problems.  What problem does my product solve?"

"That was almost as bad as leaving an ankle brace in a public toilet because you were texting on the crapper to somebody in another state about the guy in the stall next to you."

"Most people enter into relationships with an eye toward what they can get out of them instead of what they can put into them."

"I better get this story right or it's going to be wrong."

"Our only value as human beings is in the risks we are willing to take."

"A horse is a rental car that wrecks itself."

"The smartest person is not the one with the most information.  The smartest person is the one most effective and efficient with the information they have."

"He's an awesome officer in the field.  Keep him out of garrison as long as possible."

"Memorization is the most fragile form of learning."

"If you don't have an avalanche beacon, just keep bacon in your pockets so the dogs can find you."

"The soul conceives.  The mind creates.  The body experiences."

"The ego is the part of you that would rather be right than be at peace."

"Understand the contradiction between achievements and abilities versus the reality of who you are what what you're capable of."

"Whenever you feel superior to another, that's your ego."

"The more shared past there is in a relationship, the more present you need to be--otherwise you continue to live in the past."


Hope you got a laugh or a good reminder.