Veterans who fought in rough conflicts such as World War II, the Vietnam War, and the Korean War, deserve our utmost respect and consideration, as they were exposed to unimaginable dangers while defending our country. Toxic exposure is only one of these dangers. Contrary to popular belief, toxic exposure in the military is not a thing of the past, as current members of the military are still in contact with hazardous agents. Asbestos is just one of the numerous toxic agents that veterans came in contact with while they were on active duty. Other harmful substances that are responsible today for the physical and emotional suffering of veterans are Agent Orange, PFOS and PFOA, mustard gas, and lewisite. If you are a veteran injured by a toxic agent, we strongly encourage you to seek our legal assistance and will help you file a claim with the VA to recover financial compensation. Furthermore, we will also file a personal injury claim if one or multiple companies are at fault for your suffering.


Whether you are a person or a company, we encourage you to donate anything, from money to objects, to the veterans our law firm has as clients.

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