The Station Foundation Restore Special Operations bonding Combat Flip Flops
17-26 June 2016
Outside Bozeman, MT

Set in a remote location in Montana, RESTORE is a 10-day survival course for Special Operations Warriors and their adolescent children. Through a combination of comprehensive survival training, and a realistic crucible mission, RESTORE reconnects our Warriors and their children in a private, safe, relaxed environment. It provides Warriors the opportunity to share with their children the meaning and value of service in Special Operations, and inspires relationships between our warriors and their children to thrive.

RESTORE exposes children in the Special Operations Community to the physical, mental, and emotional strengths their parents possess to earn a spot in their elite units. It not only prepares children with skills to move confidently through unfamiliar and challenging terrain, but also cultivates their minds to overcome personal thresholds. With the powerful opportunity to share this with their warrior parent, children return home equipped to serve as leaders of character in their communities.

The Station Foundation Special Operations Restore Father Child Bonding Combat Flip Flops

Uniting the children and parents from the Special Operations Community encourages all participants to share, learn and grow together in a setting that demands teamwork, tenacity and trust.

“Never before had my son and I had the chance to experience a ten day adventure specifically designed with our relationship in mind, and with opportunities incorporated to learn and practice many of the survival and leadership skills which are used daily by our military forces. It was an experience we both will remember as very important. And one I plan to build upon.

– Mark, Special Operations father, RESTORE participant

PARTICIPATION: We invite teams of Special Operations Service Members with children of adolescent age (9-17 years old). Participation is limited to 8 Teams. To apply, contact Kevin at:

DATES: 17-26 JUNE 2016

LOCATION: Outside Bozeman, Montana

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Based in Bozeman, Montana, THE STATION is a 501(c)(3) organization changing the way our Nation returns home from War. Providing premier support and resourcing to Warriors and Families of the Special Operations Community, THE STATION tailors performance programs to assist our most elite war-fighting community pursue the same level of performance in their personal lives as they enjoy in uniform. Complemented by trained professionals and experts in critical areas of support, THE STATION harnesses strengths and reconnects participants to what matters most in life, developing lifelong opportunities to serve our Nation as leaders within their communities.

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