On Bowe Bergdahl

 Bowe Bergdahl wearing Infantry Blue Cord, Combat Infantryman Badge, and other medals

Guest Post by Contributor, Matthew Meyers.

I've been seeing the photos of Bowe Bergdahl with his "combat stripes" going into his court martial. It's ridiculous, but he's already at the lowest levels of disgrace anyway.

The only award that guy should be authorized is a hangman's noose.

Bowe Bergdahl wearing Combat Stripes much to the chagrin of deserving combat veterans

What is truly disgraceful is this ridiculous "veterans pages" that are standing up for this guy, and that trading hostages for a known deserter was the right thing to do. It's kind of sickening, really, especially in hindsight knowing the price that was paid of lives lost, yet there are so many that still rally to his cause.

People talk about the brotherhood and camaraderie of the profession of arms constantly, but when you embrace cowards and deserters as part of that under the guise of being inclusive of all veterans, "right or wrong", then your brotherhood holds no standard, and is of no value.
There's an obvious limit to a brotherhood, and that limit is cowardice and desertion.
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Matthew Meyers, Contributing Writer, Combat Flip Flops Blog Matthew Meyers is a 2001 VMI Graduate, Infantry Officer, Iraq Veteran, Afghanistan Veteran, and currently serves as the Director of Business Development at B.E. Meyers & Co. Inc. in Redmond, WA.


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