The holidays are a great time to give the woman in your life gifts she can look amazing in—and be proud to rock. So whether you’re shopping for your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, daughter or unrequited love, we’ve got you covered.


For the wild card.

Combat Flip Flops Shemagh Christmas GiftCombat Flip Flops Shemagh Christmas Gift

She’s always ready for anything. Whether it’s waking up before dawn to climb a mountain just for the view or booking a last-minute ticket to explore new lands, you know she’s always on the hunt for her next adventure. She needs a battle-tested, universally recognized fashion piece and survival must-have. She needs a Shemagh.

Feel Good Points: Every handmade shemagh we sell puts an Afghan girl in secondary school for a day.

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For the free spirit.

Combat Flip Flops Bombshell Lights | Micah MatthisCombat Flip Flops Bombshell Lights | Micah Matthis

She probably does yoga and spends a good portion of her time reminding you why life is a gift and why you’re a great person. She has a smile for everyone and leaves a trail of good vibes wherever she goes. She’s an uplifter, a wellness achiever, a woman who values realness. She needs the Bombshell Lights.

Feel Good Points: Every pair of Bombshell Lights we sell funds 2 days of secondary school for an Afghan girl. 

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For the sharpshooter.

Combat Flip Flops Bombshell Lights | @JeepJkGirl

She doesn’t pull any punches, spends her weekends out on the range, likes getting her hands dirty and can always teach you a thing or two about a thing or two. She’s no-nonsense and values accessories that are simply stylish. She needs a Jingle Trucker.

Feel Good Points: Repping the traditional poppy helps spreads CFF stoke far and wide.

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For the knockout. 

Combat Flip Flops Peacemaker Bangle | New Leaf OutfittersCombat Flip Flops Peacemaker Bangle | Cupcakesnbier

She’s effortlessly sexy in a way that still drives you a little crazy. She could be rocking a t-shirt and jeans or a black dress for a night out and have the same effect on you. She doesn’t need anything flashy, just a subtle reminder that she’s your queen. She needs the Peacemaker Bangle.

Feel Good Points: Our handmade Bombshell Bangles fund the clearing of 3 square meters of UXO (unexploded ordnance i.e. landmines) in Laos.

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For the beach beauty.

Combat Flip Flops Sarong

 She longs for the sea, spends every vacation headed for the sand or already made the decision to live next to the ocean. She needs a piece that’s versatile and stylish, she needs The Sarong.

Feel Good Points: Giving the gift a sarong also means putting an Afghan girl in secondary school for a week.

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For the badass.

Combat Flip Flops Lady AR 

She’s sarcastic, probably drinks whiskey and knows how to handle herself in any situation. She doesn’t need you, which only makes you dig her more. She’s independent, driven, purposeful and intentional. She makes you want to work harder and she deserves a pair of AR-15’s.

Feel Good Points: A pair of AR-15’s funds 3 days of secondary school for an Afghan girl.

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For the stunner.

Combat Flip Flops Claymore Bag | Jeff Malin

She’s always on the move, has one of everything you could ever need and believes preparation is the key for success. A born problem-solver, she’s your go-to when anything needs to be gotten to. She has life handled and needs a carry-all that can keep up with her. She needs a Claymore Bag.

Feel Good Points: The Claymore Bag is USA-made in a veteran-owned factory.

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For the fit & flawless.

Combat Flip Flops Bad For Running

She’s always pushing her body to its limits, seeing how far and how fast she can go. She never quits, never stops and always has her sights set on greater things. She needs something functional, practical and confident. She needs a CFF T-Shirt.

Feel Good Points: Spread massive stoke by rockin' the CFF slogan.

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