Top 10 Refugee Memes

We have an odd sense of humor. It could have been the continual exposure to violence during the formative years. Maybe it's the frustration of constantly hearing about #FirstWorldProblems. Or, maybe it's because we've learned that the media is a joke, and we should take it that way.


ISIS and the refugee "thing" has been pretty popular lately. It's filled our feed. Thought we would share the top 10 meme's we've seen relating to Syria, ISIS and refugees.  


10) This guy knows what he's talking about. 

9)  Use geography to your advantage.


8) Listen to the Captain.  

7)  Take a random picture out of context to prove a point.


6)  This one's actually pretty funny. But, c'mon now. That's just a bunch of dudes, flashing the peace sign, in a boat, with a selfie stick.  


5)  Don't forget the tin foil hat guys.


4) Put it in context.  


3)  Leave it to John. Truth pasted onto a screenshot.

2)  Don't forget Baby Jesus reporting for a census.

1)  If baby Jesus doesn't do it for you, then go for the adult version.

So that's the Top 10 Refugee Meme's we've seen thus far. Hopefully you got to this sentence and it evoked some sort of emotion in you. However you feel about it, something needs to be done. This isn't "their" problem anymore. This is "our" problem and it's up to us to figure it out. Nobody is coming for us.

Drop your thoughts and comments below. Looking forward to the conversation!


The Dude


  • Gail Coleman

    Just think if Jesus and his family had been required to show proof that they needed asylum. Got into Egypt and were deported back to Bethlehem. And not only that but Egypt had meddled in the politics of their home country and thus created the danger that the holy family was fleeing from!
    Now, we should all Google “CIA operations in Central America”. It’s quite a read!

  • Craig Lee Hummel

    I was turned on to your products by a friend of mine at the Battle Creek VA hospital in Battle Creek, MI, Mr. Tom McNally. I my self am a Army Veteran/Retiree and think what you are doing with these countries and the people and family’s who have to still exist in the aftermath of a war is mind blowing. To do more for others is really what we Christians talk about, but like we would say in the combat arms, “If you can’t shoot move and communicate, you most likely will not make through situations where your life is in danger”.
    Of course like I said we (Americans) like to talk the talk but when it comes to doing the walk we usually trip over our shoe strings. I salute you and your company with what you are doing, Outstanding and selfless.

    Craig Lee Hummel
    MAJ, USA, (Ret)

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