To the Unarmed Forces,

     These types of posts are tough to write.  How do we say something that adds meaning to such a special day within our community?
The literary paralysis happens every year.
And it always comes back around to the same mental image--
the last few scenes from Saving Private Ryan.
As CPT Miller took his last few breaths, he leans over and says, "Earn it."
Fast forward several decades and an elderly Private Ryan sits solemnly in front of the white tombstone in Normandy.
Did he earn it?
Over the past 15 years, we've lost friends and countrymen that gave everything
to protect what we know and love. If you're reading this, ask yourself the question,
"Am I earning it? Are my actions to improve my family, community, and country commensurate with the sacrifice by those under those tombstones?"
Andrew, Jay, Pat, Rick, Dale, and Kris--we're trying every day brothers.
We may not be perfect, but we move forward in your honor.
Wishing You a Thoughtful and Reflective Memorial Day.
The Combat Flip Flops Team
Combat Flip Flops Memorial Day
Matthew Griffin