"These military guys were a lot of fun to hang out with. They told me their story – sipping on some beers and wearing Combat Flip Flops, about their transition from military to business." – Business Rockstars

Business Rockstars Combat Flip Flops

Griff was stoked to head down and meet up with Lee last week in Burbank to do an interview with the guys at Business Rockstars, the largest daily producer of entrepreneurial content. They're definitely a site you should follow if you're into getting business tips and badass content on the regular.

Business Rockstars Combat Flip Flops

 Here's an except from the interview, you can read the full version HERE.

"One clear take away – don’t go retail. Retail has traditionally included going to big stores. However, in order to get there, you have to go through small dealers that don’t guarantee inventory ahead of time, amongst countless of other factors that can cripple a new business. Griffin and Lee found that going straight to consumer turned their business around."


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