All Afghan Combat Flip Flops Team members in Kabul are safe and accounted for. 

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected today.

God speed to the men that bring them to justice.

Kabul Suicide Bombing BBC



According to BBC reports, a suicide attacker detonated a vehicle, then an intense gun battle followed. 

"Tuesday's bombing happened during the morning rush hour in Pul-e-Mahmud, a busy neighbourhood where homes, mosques, schools and businesses nestle close to the Ministry of Defence, other ministries and military compounds."

This attack occurred very close to the Boumi Factory where our hand embroidered Shemaghs and Sarongs are produced. We have confirmed all employees are safe and are looking forward to getting back to work, supporting their families and creating economic stability for their community. 

"Such cowardly terrorist attacks will not weaken the will and determination of Afghan security forces to fight against terrorism." -[PRESIDENTIAL PALACE STATEMENT]



Please keep the families of all who were affected by these attacks in your thoughts and prayers today. Thank you for supporting our mission by recognizing the importance of empowering local change-makers in Afghanistan and standing up to those who mean to do them harm. 

The men and women working in our Kabul factory have been part of the team since the beginning and we consider them close friends and co-workers. Unfortunately, the realities of war, like life, are such that we cannot control all circumstances around us. But with the backing of our Unarmed Forces, we remain steadfast in our goal of manufacturing peace through trade and supporting our brothers and sisters who work by our side.

Boumi Factory Kabul Afghanistan  


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