Combat Flip Flops Sarong Mother's Day

A Message to the Mothers:

We value and appreciate exactly who you are.

Keep pushing yourself.

Find joy all around you.

Never forget that you are a gift.

And fellas, keep giving em' all the support and love you've got. 
This year, give Mom a look that's more than a fashion statement, give her a new mission statement.  


5. Bombshell Lights

Combat Flip Flops  Micah Matthis

"We literally walked a total of about five miles on concrete one afternoon and I wore my Bombshells the entire time. Not once did my feet ache, nor did my lower back show any signs of fatigue."

Read the full review on the Bombshell Lights from ITS Tactical 

4. Jingle Trucker

 Combat Flip Flops Jingle Trucker Mother's Day

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aztlgrlNEW favorite hat. Jingle Trucker from @combatflipflops. The purchase of this hat funds 1 day of Secondary School for an Afghan girl. It may not be much but we all have to start somewhere!#combatflipflops #veteranbusiness#FuelTheStoke #dogoodbegood

3. Sarong

Combat Flip Flops Sarong Mother's Day

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ajourneytolean: Empowering women with wages and education is so important when it comes to changing societal norms. Education is liberation. It the key to change. Thank you to the Afghanistan women who made this beautiful piece of art. May your daughters grow strong in mind, body and spirit. #womenhelpingwomen#sistersoftheworld #combatflipflops


2. Unarmed Forces Gear

Combat Flip Flops Unarmed Forces

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mary_kate_davis: This Unarmed Forces shirt, printed in the USA, funds one day of secondary school for an afghan girl. "Business, Not Bullets. Flipping the view on how wars are won".


1. PeaceMaker Bangle

Combat Flip Flops Peacemaker Bangle

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cupcakesnbier: When you buy one you help fund the clearing of 3 square meters of UXO. You literally help save life and limb. And you also help create jobs. So thanks. Stoked to do my little part. It really is a kick ass bangle!

Mandy Stephenson
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