The Combat Flip Flops Warranty

Combat flip Flops provides a lifetime warranty for Flip Flops and clothing against manufacturing defects. If you've worn them out, we'll ask that you buy another pair. If our flops fell apart on your feet due to something made incorrectly, we'll definitely work with you to replace your footwear.

Manufacturer defects consist of: delamination of sole or foot bed, stitching falling apart, embellishments falling off for no reason, or other defects contributed to our construction process.

If you've realized these flip flops are better than a puppy in the park and wear them 24/7, you may actually wear out a set of flip flops. If a puppy gets pissed off that you took his job and chews on your footwear, you're out of luck. If they were damaged while running away from herds of the opposite sex, please remember that these flip flops are "bad for running." If your girlfriend gets mad that you're getting so much attention from other ladies that she took a knife to them, you have your own set of problems in addition to owning footwear that we're not going to warranty. Remember, "worse for fighting." We say it right in the tag line so that you know what you're buying. If you felt the need to buff your flops with an oil or wax that damages the leather or adhesives, you're out of luck as well. Rock the broken-in flip flops. They're better than broken flip flops.

If your flip flops are truly broken due to a manufacturing issue, we'll gladly fix or replace them for you. If you're trying to get a new set of flops to freshen up your look, please remember that we're a small business trying to put people to work. Do the right thing and make a judgment call before sending us the footwear.

If you send us a set of flip flops that don't meet the warranty and repair criteria listed above, you'll be paying shipping both ways. We'll contact you, ask for payment information, and ship UPS.

We ask that you gently clean your flip flops before sending them to us. Please gently remove loose dirt, fluids, or anything else you wouldn't want to touch off another person's foot.