We're building this shoe in the colors of the American and Texas flags with 100% of the profits going to Hurricane Harvey Survivors.
What We're Doing

We're building this shoe in the colors of the American and Texas flags with 100% of the profits going to Hurricane Harvey Survivors.

100% of the profits from each shoe will be donated to fund food, mattresses, pillows, and clean sheets for the hurricane survivors. Once the waters recede, the victims will need food and a clean place to sleep while they put their lives back together.

What We Need

$20,000 - This funds tooling, materials, and labor at the minimum volume required to start footwear production in Bogota Colombia.   We'll fill in the details as this campaign gets going.  We're a footwear company. Been doing this for years.  This is what it costs.

What You Get

You get a cool slip-on shoe.  This shoe is so fresh we haven't even named it yet.  

Rubber outsole with a canvas upper in our favorite colors: Red, White, and Blue. Men's sizes 7-15 and Women's sizes 5-11.  

It's a shoe. It's Red, White, and Blue.  And 100% of the profits are donated to help Hurricane Harvey Victims.  

If We Don't Reach Our Goal

Never underestimate the power of patriotism.  We're doing this.  If by some random act of God this doesn't go through, 100% will go to the same charities and we'll likely lose faith in humanity.  Let's not go there.

The Impact

We were going to launch these shoes commercially next month, but we know these can be used for the greater good.  Here is what you will make happen.

  • $11.50* from every shoe will be donated to Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts
    • Food - People need to eat while they rebuild their lives.
    • Mattresses, Pillows, and Sheets:  Nobody should have to sleep on a moldy, damaged mattress.  Let's get them a clean, comfortable place to recover after a long day of work.
  • The shoes will be made by a family-owned business in Bogota, Colombia--helping kickstart an economy recovering from decades of conflict.
  • You'll support a Veteran-owned business in the mission to help fellow Americans in Houston.

The Journey

We're doing this live.  Our president, Andy, left for Bogota on 30 Aug at 9pm.  He'll be doing live streams to show you what you're getting, who's making it, and why it's important to help. Stay tuned.

Risks & Challenges

The only risk we see is that you buy too many shoes.  In that case, it may take us a while to get them to you, but we always deliver.  Shark Tank got us trained with backorders last year, so we'll straight up dare you to try and beat that.  If you do, we'll have plenty of good problems.
We're a footwear company.  We do this for a living.  We can make shoes and deliver.  This is a low cost and low risk campaign.

Other Ways You Can Help

Hit that "Share" Button as many times as you like.  It's free and I bet somebody you may know would like a dope pair of Red, White, and Blue shoes that helps fellow Americans.  If you don't have $40 to donate, we suggest you donate directly to Team Rubicon's efforts in Houston.