Save Moneer from the Taliban

No One Is Coming.

It's Up to Us.

It's not very often that you have the opportunity to save a human being, but today is one of those days.  

After 12 years of service to Special Forces, Rangers, and SEALs, Moneer and his wife are now on the run from the Taliban.  Their home has been stolen.  Their land has been stolen.  They're in hiding and need a way out--and the U.S. government is failing them. 

The Special Interpreter Visa process is broken and after 10 years of applications, there is no action by the United States Department of State.  The Combat Flip Flops team has been working with a fellow Green Beret to contact congressional representatives, Senators, and any other person that may be able to help.  There is a collective finger pointing game and shift of responsibility on behalf of the politicians.   

There is no time to wait for them to do the right thing, we have to do it. 
Please donate below to this GoFundMe to save Moneer and his wife.  The $15,000 goal pays for tickets to Turkey, Turkish work visas, and two months worth of living expenses.  Once in Turkey, they can apply for refugee status with UNHCR and continue the SIV process to eventually get to the United States.