Production Update


Back Ordered Item Color / Size Scheduled Delivery for CFF When You Can Expect Delivery
AK - 47 9, 10, 11, 14 11-20-2016 5 Days from Ship Date
Claymores - Waxed Canvas 13" Tan & 15" Tan MId - Late November 5 Days from Ship Date
Gunner Shemaghs White Nov 15 5 Days from Ship Date
CFF Shemagh Aynak / Copper Nov 15 5 Days from Ship Date
Cashmere All Colors Dec 15 4 Days from Ship Date




To the hyper-patient members of the Unarmed Forces,

    When we started this business we had 2 goals:

    1. Uphold the Ranger standard and put out a superior quality product
    2. Help as many people as we can

    Combat Flip Flops production teams continue to press forward on all fronts—rapidly identify deficiencies and solutions. We could give you excuses on why your gear is late, but we’d rather show you the issues, tell you what we’re doing about it, and execute the mission.

    Product, Problem, Lesson Learned, Solution:

    Product: Floperator
    Problem: The patch factory took an extended Easter vacation and patches arrive for final assembly 28 March.
    Lesson Learned: Build in buffers around religious holidays.
    Solution: Flops ship on 1 April. This means Floperators will arrive three weeks later than originally communicated. Please contact us if you’d like a refund.

    Product: Chanclas and Bombshells
    Problem: During the Production and QA process, we found the grenades are breaking.
    Lesson Learned: Improved material specifications for footwear flair.
    Solution: All grenades are being remanufactured and installed on footwear. Delivery Mid April. Please contact us if you’d like a refund.

    We truly appreciate your faith in our team. Warm weather is on the horizon and we’re looking forward to you storming beaches this Spring in Combat Flip Flops.

    This is your gear getting made!


    SITREP for the Unarmed Forces

    Every Spring, fighters come out of their winter slumber and raise havoc on the oppressed. You responded.

    Since the successful Combat Flip Flops mission in the Shark Tank, you’ve put over 40 Afghan girls in school for a year and cleared over 2300 square meters of land mines. The Stoke is real!

    We’re backordered on almost all products, so here is the promised by monthly production update:

    Afghanistan: All shemaghs and sarongs are in production in our three facilities in Afghanistan. All items are on track for delivery per the timeline listed on the product page and order receipt.

    Colombia: Our Brothers and Sisters in the Southern Hemisphere are slaying flip flops at record levels. The Stoke is strong in Colombia and all orders are due in

    Laos: We’re landing jewelry later this week and shipping over the weekend. If you don’t receive a shipping update this weekend, your order is due in Mid-march per product description and item receipt.

    America: T-shirts are in production. We hit a small delay. They were supposed to ship this week, but will be shipping next week. Claymore bags are in production and due in for delivery per the product description and your receipt.

    If you have questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact us!

    Phone: (206) 734-4785
    Skype Username: cs.combatflipflops

    Thank you again for supporting the mission. We’re honored to have you with us in this fight. Carry on.
    Griff, Lee, & Andy