Combat Flip Flops - A Veteran Owned Cause Brand

Our most frequently asked question: You help Afghan women, not Veterans. Why?

We are helping Veterans -- We're Veterans and this is therapeutic for us

We are helping Veterans -- We support Team 5 Foundation and The Station Foundation

We are helping Veterans -- Donating products to hundreds of charity fundraisers nationwide

We are helping Veterans -- Providing a positive example of post service success

We are helping Veterans -- Creating social change so they don't have to keep fighting.

Combat Flip Flops Helps Veterans

Why are those little girls so important?

Nobody is coming to help them but us.

They are the answer. 

Educating little girls and helping veterans are not mutually exclusive endeavors
Experience and Clinical Studies prove educating women in developing nations is the most responsible and cost effective method to aid a developing nation.  

If the nation improves, we won't have to send our children to fight our wars.

Look at the cycle.

Look at what your leadership is doing.

Look at how they continue to send your sons and daughters to war.  

Your Veterans.

What are you doing about it?

This is what we're doing.

Making Bad Ass Product.  Creating Economy.  Educating Women.  Helping Veterans

Join the Fight.

Join the Unarmed Forces.

We’re a Veteran-Owned Business. We're American.

Combat Flip Flops donates to Veteran Support Organizations: The Station Foundation and Team 5 Foundation.

If you’re not aware of what these organizations do, please read up:  
The Station Foundation helps SOF Veterans and Families transition back to life in the U.S..

Team 5 Foundation utilizes SOF Medics and Doctors to help in developing nations (watch the video)representing the good will and determination of Americans to help the less fortunate.

If you want to support those organizations, donate directly or
we’ll do it through the purchase of our Operation Hawkeye Shemagh.