Combat Flip Flops "SHARK TANK" Episode

Veteran and military spouse entrepreneurs try to enlist the Sharks’ investments in their products—will it be a mission accomplished?

Two military spouses from Murfreesboro, TN have built a handbag empire using up-cycled military materials and piecework from other military spouses—but will the $200+ price point for a bag deter a deal?

A former Marine from Columbia, MD and his business partner from Dallas, TX try to sell the Sharks on their gloves that put wireless control of your phone at your fingertips, even while on the ski slopes and motorcycles.

A former Air Force Major from Phoenix, AZ looks to franchise her personal organization business that can keep Americans’ homes “majorly” de-cluttered.

Two veteran army rangers tout their product line, which empowers locals who make “cool products in dangerous places”—namely Colombia, Afghanistan and Laos—from sandals to sarongs and jewelry. They promote peace through business instead of bullets.

“Shark Tank” revisits Air Force veteran Kristina Guerrero of La Pine, OR, owner of Turbopup, the canine meal bars, in which Daymond John invested last season, to see how her business has expanded in just 18 months.