Aid Afghanistan for Education (AAE)

To Educate a Woman is to Educate an Entire Family

Afghanistan is at risk. You can help foster peace through education for mothers, girls, and boys. Aid Afghanistan for Education has 13 schools in 9 provinces that provide year around, accelerated curriculum for over 3000 students to reduce the 72% illiteracy rate. It is the first NGO in Afghanistan recognized by the Ministry of Education and able to provide high school diplomas so its students have the opportunity for university. Over 1100 graduates have proven the success of the schools.


Due to refugee status, decades of war, or early marriages, it is often difficult to enter traditional public schools in Afghanistan. Illiteracy rates are sky high: 87% for women and 57% for men. Because of the extreme poverty and the need for extra income, most people, even children, cannot wait 12 years to get a high school diploma. Therefore, many Afghans, particularly women, fall through the cracks and do not receive educations. Without an educated population, Afghanistan cannot move forward.


Multiple indicator cluster surveys conducted by the UN show that the single greatest predictor for change is the mother's education level. An educated woman is more likely to survive childbirth. She marries later, earns a higher income, and has children who attend school, are vaccinated, well nourished, and have access to water and adequate sanitation. AAE educates marginalized populations to give them the tools they need to improve the livelihoods of their families and communities.

Long-Term Impact

As our students graduate, some stay to become teachers. Others move into the community to grow other businesses and micro-enterprises. All focus on peace-building and strengthening their country against extremists. The 72% illiteracy rate in Afghanistan will be reduced more rapidly due to our accelerated curriculum and our focus on people who cannot enter the state-supported school system. Educating mothers helps educate future generations, reduces domestic violence, and improves the community.

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