Provide food, medical treatment and warm clothing to displaced Afghan military and police waiting for evacuation. 
Tens of thousands of Afghan men, women, and children that served alongside our countrymen have been left behind.  As they're on the run for their lives waiting for Department of State to fulfill promises made, they're cold, tired, and hungry.  

Leveraging 11 years of Afghan manufacturing experience, we're working to help those waiting for evacuation.  Funds used will be sent forward to buy clothing, pay for medical care, and purchase textiles to be manufactured in Kabul--creating jobs for the unemployed. 

This is a mission of pure love for our Afghan brothers and sisters.  100% of the funding is used toward the mission with no overhead other than transaction fees.

46&2 Transitions is a registered 501c3 partnered with Combat Flip Flops to make your donations tax deductible.