The Shemagh


" 'Surrender' is not a Ranger word." While the rest of the world gave up on our Afghan partners, we didn't. Navigating virtually every problem you could imagine in Afghanistan, the factory is back up and running thanks to your help. If you want the best shemagh on the market and feel good about making a positive difference in the world, this is the shemagh for you.

This Shemagh is sourced and loomed in Kabul, Afghanistan. This universal survival and fashion piece has a story to tell.

Do you need one?If you spend any time in the sun, outdoors, or in a suit, the shemagh is a force multiplier. Use it to shade yourself from the sun, hide from an ex, or cool yourself off in the shade. The uses and configurations are only left to your imagination.

Made in Afghanistan

Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good.


100% Cotton

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Customer Reviews

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Overton Lesley
Fantastic Product!

Great material and craftsmanship. The shemagh is made with a tight thread count that doesn’t snag when busting through thorny scrub brush. For being cotton it is surprisingly moisture-wicking. It’s just thick enough to be a great sun barrier but thin enough to be cooling and light in the Texas heat.

Best Shemagh

The material makes all the difference on these items. Compared with all the others I have... these are the most comfortable shemaghs... best quality cotton. Shipping was fast also. If that's not enough... check out the mission!

Jayson O'Keeffe
Most comfortable shemagh I've owned.

Another Combat Flip Flop product that I've purchased multiples of. These things are so damn soft and yet still strong as hell.

Excellent quality

This (black and gray) is the second shemagh I've purchased from CFFs. Both are of first quality in materials and colors. A great price/quality value. So much better than the cheap ones from other vendors. Exactly as advertised. Fully satisfied

Didn't Know How Much I Needed It

Basically, only bought this about a year or teo ago whenever CFF was having logistics issues. Love the company, hate scarves, never really *needed* a shemagh but I feared, "If not now, possibly never."

Holy hell, do I use this thing. It's become a permanent piece of my kit for reasons to numerous to count, but some of the more common uses: a towel, coffee filter, water filter, scarf, mini tarp to keep the sun out of my eyes while I nap, etc. I did wildland firefighting with a WFM and just... this thing got used almost daily in a different way everyday. I plan on buying a few more here soon because I will legitimately probably shed a tear or five whenever the wear and tear gets too great on this thing (I mean, given it's current condition that's probably still a few years out, but two is one mentality. Also, could use a nicer one that's not stained to hell and back.)