Steps Ascending: Rise of the Unarmed Forces - Paperback


The remarkable true story of a group of former Special Operation soldiers turned entrepreneurs on a mission to end the war in Afghanistan with business, not bullets. 

"A great book that puts the struggles of America's war in Afghanistan into an easily relatable story. Using the story of starting their business, Combat Flip Flops, Griff and company show the depths of this battle, what it takes to persevere through it, and what needs to be done for sustainable success."


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Customer Reviews

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Nicole C.
New perspective

The beauty of this book, for me, is how Matt illustrates the Taliban take over. I never understood how such horrible, cruel humans could brainwash peaceful ones into becoming 'one of them'. The unfortunate, brutal strategy of eliminating education for women and children and seize access to food for all; lay the groundwork for a successful takeover of tired, uneducated, unmotivated humans. "There is a cunning brilliance in making ignorance an official policy." - Matt Griffin
Another favorite from the book is how Matt illustrates the beauty of the Afghan culture and landscape. I learned that the Afghans are serious 'huggers.' The descriptions of Panjshir Valley and Gandamak bring to mind a place that lives in your memory through alluring beauty, scent, and taste. I feel like I was there walking alongside the crew every step of the way. Take a read. You won't regret it.

Steven VL
Descriptive Page Turner

I love this book. It definitely is a page turner as I'm not a fast reader and I finished this book in about 3 sittings. The book is very descriptive as they paint a picture well enough that you can imagine yourself there with them. It is a great book that tells the story of combat flip flops. If you believe in what you are doing is right - then you can accept failure, make adjustments, and move forward. I now have the book, a shirt and a pair of flip flops and all of it is top quality.