The  Shemagh
The  Shemagh
The  Shemagh
The  Shemagh
The  Shemagh
The  Shemagh
The  Shemagh
The  Shemagh

The Shemagh

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***SOLD OUT***

We sold the last of the pre-Taliban product on 17 Nov 2021, ending a 9 year streak of manufacturing in Afghanistan.  Until further notice, we cannot manufacture or export from Afghanistan.  If this fact upsets you, take a few moments and call your representative.  Here are a few talking points for you. 

*Veteran owned and funded business with $0 grant or USAID Dollars made up more than 1% of exports of Afghanistan to the United States with this product.

*Over 200 Afghans are now out of work (Roughly 50/50 men and women)

*Girls schools in Afghanistan are now closed. 

*U.S. State Department couldn't plan their way out of a paper bag, yet are highly proficient at finger pointing. 


44” x 44”

  • 75% Cotton/ 25% Poly Blend
  • Folded and sewn edges
  • Made in Afghanistan
  • Combat Flip Flops Lifetime Warranty

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