Combat Flip Flops Sticker Pack


We want you to put these stickers somewhere cool.  On your phone, car window, prime location on the laptop... wherever you and others are going to see them often.  They're meant to be reminders to be a better human and conversation starters to meet others along that path.  

Here's your bad ass sticker pack to accomplish the mission.

8 Stickers Included:

3" Die Cut Freedom Bird

2" Die Cut Freedom Bird

3" Black/White Freedom Bird

2" Black/White Freedom Bird

3" Be a Better Human 

2" Be a Better Human

3" Bad for Running, Worse for Fighting combination sticker.

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Lifetime warranty
Combat flip Flops provides the most m’fn bad ass lifetime warranty for flip flops, shoes, apparel and accessories against manufacturing defects. If you've worn them out, we'll ask that you buy another item. If our gear fell apart due to something made incorrectly, we'll definitely work with you to replace or repair your items.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Love them

I'm a sticker guy. I have put these stickers on my work bench and will find other places to put the rest of them to advertise for this great company. I also have to say the motto has to be one of the best I have ever seen. They might not be good for fighting or running, but I wish I had these flip flops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Randall Spray
Cannot review

I would review but I never received them. Disappeared in the USPS triangle, TWICE...2 separate orders.

Trust us. We're more bummed about this than you are. We put the work in and send out multiple products only to have the carrier fumble it in the final mile.

Very sticky!

Ok, granted you don’t start off with super high expectations for a pack of stickers... BUT... these things are really cool. I’ve put one of the logo decals on my truck’s rear window and it looks great. I’m not sure where the rest are going to end up, but wherever it is, they’re built to last.

Bottom line, they’re excellent quality and well made.

Sticker pack

Definitely a nice sticker pack.

Almost Perfect

Love the sticker pack and can drop them on cars, coolers, refrigerators, etc. I would like to see the large vinyl transfer sticker "Be a Better Human" come back though