Women's Weekender Black High Top


You don’t let your fears take over your goals. You’re like, "Nah, not today."  You make those fears fun, pay no regard to haters, and feel good because you’re unstoppable.  This is your boot.  

Meet the Combat Flip Flop Women's Weekender Hightop 

  • Women's sizes 5–11
  • Proprietary rubber outsole (StickyAF)
  • Proprietary EVA mid-layers
  • Canvas upper
  • Nylon laces, 7 eyelets
  • Lifetime Warranty

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Lifetime warranty
Combat flip Flops provides the most m’fn bad ass lifetime warranty for flip flops, shoes, apparel and accessories against manufacturing defects. If you've worn them out, we'll ask that you buy another item. If our gear fell apart due to something made incorrectly, we'll definitely work with you to replace or repair your items.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Theresa Wardell
I love this company!

These are so comfy and look so cute with skinny jeans. I was surprised of the great traction they have..... I love them much I just ordered the grey and yellow ones too. True to size..... At first they felt snug and I almost returned for a bigger size but I decided just to walk around the house and after wearing them for a few they was a perfect fit..... So glad I didn't up my size. These won't disappoint you 😊

So comfy!

As a person whose job requires me to be on my feet 8-12 hours every workday, a comfortable shoe is a necessity. The women's Weekender is my absolute favorite for every long shift, and one of the few shoes I don't need to use insoles for. Highly recommended, and will buy a pair in any new colors they come out with.
Signed, a Waitress


These shoes are pretty awesome. I was a little concerned about the quality of it (thought they would be like chucks) but they’re BETTER.

1) the sole is grippy so I can actually walk at a normal speed on wet surfaces without fear of slip/fall/shame.

2) I have two livestock guardian dogs that shed like crazy. They’re white with medium to long flowing locks of fur. These shoes are very black. They DO NOT act as a magnet for fur. You read that right. I walked all around the house with these bad boys on and didn’t have to cat-bat/swipe them to get any fur off.

3) The canvas feels more durable than the chucks I own. It’s a bit textured and a little thicker. Like, if I took a knife to these and the chucks I feel these would hold up better.

4) My feet are big. Chucks make my feet look longer and weirdly thin = clown shoe weird. These shoes make my feet look smaller and dainty. I LOVE THAT. I don’t look like I’m about to snatch some kids up and take them to my sewer lair.

The only complaint I have is these shoes were a little small for me. The description for them said to order a size down if you’re a half size so I did after reading the reviews that said they fit perfectly. Not so much for me. They’re still wearable but not for long periods of time - should’ve gone a half size up 😐. I’m still satisfied with these overall.

2 more pairs

I bought these as a birthday gift for my college age daughter and now her mom and sister want pairs of them! They were worth the wait and love to support fellow veterans in their business!!

Will Black
Love 'em

Bought a pair about a month ago. Worn them every day since.

These are on par with Converse Chuck Taylors, maybe even better. Only took two or three days to break them in.

I used the chart and measured my foot. Surprisingly, it got me a perfect fit. Yeah, online sizing charts never work, but this one did.

Seriously the best everyday shoe I've ever had. I wear them hiking just fine. Not sure if you'd want to run in them, but other than that, they work for just about anything.