You Just Let the Terrorists Win.


Had to take a knee for a few days before responding to your email.  Bottom line up front.

You. Are. The. Problem.

Seriously, you're the problem.  You sent a shitty email to our team and completely abandoned a movement over a t-shirt.  A shirt.  Really?

This community is made up of strong people able to read past a headline. We're sorry to see you go.  When you're able to compose yourself like a contributing member of the team, we will welcome you back to the #UnarmedForces.


Griff, CEO, Combat Flip Flops


For a little background, we re-released the "This Administration Does Not Negotiate With Terrorists" t-shirt on Inauguration day.  People lost their shit.  The shirt was OK last year, but now it's not OK.  So much that they flooded our info@ email, called us names, and said they're never going to buy our products again or support the mission.  

To be clear, the "administration" with the Combat Flip Flops M-star refers to our Administration, not any political party.  As a company and community, we don't talk--we act.  Through persistence, creativity, and respect, we empower the mindful consumer to manufacture peace through trade.  And in the process, we educate women, clear landmines, and help veterans.  In our view, all good things.

But... because of the assumptions people claimed we are warmongering, bigoted racists.  

Whatever side you're on, you need to understand that America is the exporter of war.  If you think that Trump is going to blow up the world, watch the video below.  It happened during the Bush years, continued through the Obama years, and is already proving to continue in the first few years of the Trump administration.   


I hope this sinks in.  As a nation, our foreign policy creates more "terrorists" than we're eliminating.  Combat Flip Flops and the #UnarmedForces is dedicated toward drawing attention to this situation, taking action to create positive change, and helping people along the way.

If you're read this far, Thank You.   We will continue to drive forward with persistence, creativity and respect.  Those that can't hang, won't.  Continue to push forward and demonstrate the effectiveness of the #UnarmedForces.



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