Wanna destroy groups like ISIS? Download this podcast and fight 'em with us

Study after study after study after study confirms it. The gargantuan, monstrous, evil enemy that groups like ISIS fear most? 

Education. Yeah, seriously.

1 iTunes download = $1 donated to TentED, an organization run by a couple of bad ass motherfuckers and on this exact mission to educate Iraqi and Syrian refugees (hence its name: Tent Education). Good Ideas Travel at the Speed of Light by the Good Network is the name.

Let's do this. Let's download the shit out of this podcast. More downloads = more $ for this mission.

Additionally, let's consider donating any amount to a force-multiplying refugee education initiative TentED here. You'll be a badass to partake in this cause, too. 

Enlist in the #UnarmedForces today.


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