We've been accused of being hippies a time or two.  You know, those guys wearing flip flops, telling people to be nice to one another, encouraging people to do business instead of shooting one another, and posting up weird music.  From the outside, we could understand this perspective.

We're also tree-huggers.  We all grew up outside--hunting, fishing, and adventuring.  Now we like to do that with our kids.  And if you're like us, you likely flip a biscuit when you see pollution on the beach, in a river, or generally placed anywhere outside a respective garbage can or recycling bin.  But every now and then, you see a common sense solution provided to clean up after the lazy, unthoughtful, short-sided pollution producers...

A fellow Veteran posted this Link to his Facebook page and it caught our eye.  An extremely large garbage trap to catch waste thrown into our waterways.  Pretty clever. 

Combat Flip Flops City of Kwinana drainage net blog post about pollution

The 5 W's

Who:  City of Kwinana

What: Reusable drainage nets installed on waterway exits to collect debris washed into public waterways

When: Summer 2018

WhereKwinana, Australia (Just South of Perth)

Why: Because pollution sucks

Cost: $10K ea

So:  Share this with your local municipalities.

Combat Flip Flops City of Kwinana drainage Net blog about pollution

This isn't a preachy article (unless you're one of the polluters mentioned above).  Just a share of something heroic done by good people working toward a better future for all of us. 

If you want to learn more about where the garbage comes from, click here.  If you want to give the Australians a like, click here.  Otherwise, enjoy the pictures, share away, and continue to encourage people to pick up after themselves.  It's for the children...

Photo Credit:  City of Kwinana Facebook Page 



This is such a great idea. No complicated equipment. Little effort that makes a simple, measurable, and visible difference. This is a great way to do the little things even if it is incomplete.

— Mick Lane